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91% of all New Year's Resolutions FAIL!

That’s right.
So let me ask you a question,
Have you set goals for 2023 to make more money?
To be happier?
Or to be financially secure or more in control of your life

Yet, maybe you’re still unsure of where to start...
And you’ve tried over and over only to fail or give up.

It’s so hard to create true change on your own.
People need coaching, accountability and support

...there is a secret to building wealth, happiness and success.

Once you understand the secret to unlocking your limitless capabilities and your uncapped potential from WITHIN changes everything.

It's ok to feel a little uneasy and a little unsure about what's in store for 2023.
Please understand, more than uncertainty...
there are solutions and opportunities this year.

Now, maybe more than ever, if you're feeling uncertain,
you should dive in head first into opportunities that offer guidance, tools and a supportive community to surround yourself with those who are on the same wave-length as you.

Look, we're not necessarily focusing on getting rich...
Rather, I'm pulling back the curtains and revealing the expert secrets meant to safeguard your future, create lasting happiness and unlock the mindset for generating wealth.

It all starts with your thoughts (mindset) & your plan.
Mindset is the differentiator between accomplishing and wishing.

Please take a minute to evaluate where you are now:

1. How are you actively contributing to the life and future you actually want to have?2. Are your actions aligned with protecting all the progress you've been making?
3. Is your mind propelling you toward the happiness, security and goals you've been dreaming of?

Right now, having a G.P.S.
Goals, Plans, Strategy more important than ever...

And you'll need G.A.S
Guidance, Accountability, Support
to fuel your momentum.

Trying to navigate without the right mentorship, without accountability and without a support sucking up all of your time, wasting valuable resources... and it's not producing any real results.

But you're not alone.

This is one of the reasons why I’m hosting my
FREE 5-day workshop, Abundance 2023. 

ABUNDANCE 2023 is my 5-Day Mindset Reset Workshop to train your brain strategies to unlock limitless prosperity in all areas of your life.

Believe me, I know that happiness is a complicated subject
because everyone’s version of what happiness means, is different.

But a common theme of "happiness" is that people want to be in control their lives. 

Here’s the thing…
if you want to control your life,
you need to control your thoughts.

My 5-day Abundance 2023 Workshop will give you the tools & strategies to take control of your thoughts and in return take control of your life.

We can do this by unlocking a success-conscious, gratitude-driven happiness that’s only accessible from effectively being in control of your mind.

...and I'd like to share it all with you, so you can start implementing these crucial & essential tactics into your life too.

JOIN US Monday, January 23rd

When you join the Abundance 2023 Workshop, you will unlock...

  • Access to a Mastermind Community filled with motivational, success-conscious, innovative forward-thinking individuals just like you... consider this community your life-preserver to keep you rising above any storms or obstacles that you may face, pursuing your goals and commanding success.
  • Daily LIVE Training and Workshops with Top 1% Coach, Best Selling Author & 8-Figure Entrepreneur Krista Mashore, your Abundance 2023 Workshop host will be sharing strategies, tools & frameworks to create your own uncapped potential, and the millionaire mentality essential for generating wealth and happiness in your life. 
  • Pre-Order Access to Krista's NEWEST book, Stop Snap Switch with your Amazon pre-order, you'll unlock a PDF eBook and audiobook version of Krista's life-long passion project, Stop Snap Switch
  • ​#DoItNow Take Action Assignments & Workshops for you to create your own momentum and success plan, implementation of effective habits and tactics to reset your mindset and own the Millionaire Mentality

Here's the thing... if I can master my mindset and be in control of the choices and opportunities I have in my life, so can you.

It wasn't an easy path to wealth or success or happiness for me.

I was a foster kid, who spent time in juvenile hall.

It wasn't until my youngest daughter got sick, and my life at home was turned upside down that I decided to take a shot at being an entrepreneur and overcoming all the obstacles holding me back in life. 

I had to learn the hard way.

I spent tons of time, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial and error, hours and hours of reading success and development books, invested over 6-figures in mentors and expert coaches.

And I'd like to share everything that has worked for me, with you.

The biggest catalyst for my success and happiness has been the power of the Millionaire Mentality & Mastermind Communities.

I've put my a-ha's and takeaways together and want to show them to you for FREE in my 
Abundance 2023 5-Day Workshop
Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn the essential strategies, mindsets and skillsets to safeguard your future, create lasting happiness and generate wealth.

JOIN US January 23rd through January 27th

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Krista Mashore is in the top 1% of coaches nationwide and has been a Top 1% real estate agent for 20 years.

Krista is the author of five best-selling books focusing on digital marketing and was named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021!

She can also be found among the top 125 most impactful leaders in 2022 alongside Tony Robbins according to Success Magazine. She has been featured in Forbes, Inman News, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Fox, and many more! Krista recently went from zero to 48 million dollars in just five years.

She is the recipient of 11 Two Comma-Club Awards, 2 Two Comma Club X Award, and one Two Comma Club C Award.

Krista has a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. Always being a teacher at heart, she loves serving people and has turned her attention to sharing the secrets of her successes by coaching agents and professionals across the nation.

Through her coaching, teaching, speaking and training, Krista is revolutionizing the way agents and professionals market themselves online. She offers an innovative step-by-step approach on how agents and entrepreneurs can gain a massive digital footprint.

Krista has Learned From and Spoken on Stage Alongside 
Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, Russell Brunson and Many More! 

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